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Samsung J120F Galaxy J1 (2016) - Original Spare Part - LCD Display / Touch Screen

Product no.: 118202

EAN 4251488682219

Manufacturer:  Samsung

Manufacturer Model SKU: GH97-18224B

Samsung spare part for a complete replacement of your broken touch screen front cover. For a quick and easy change the front cover is supplied including display screen (touch screen).
With glue
Color: Gold

Important NOTE:  

  • All LCD displays have been tested by the manufacturers for function
  • The warranty expires ends with the installation of LCDs and we assume no liability
  • in the case of a D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival) is a complaint only possible if the factory-installed foils and stickers were not removed
  • Slides should therefore only be removed if the function of the screen is 100% guaranteed
  • Of course, such technical work is carried out exclusively by qualified personnel

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