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PolyWatch / Displex - scratch remover - Smartphones,Watches,Cars,Windows

Product no.: 121368

EAN 4028778102593

Manufacturer:  Displex

Manufacturer Model SKU: 00704 / P11010

The smartphone and the Smartwatch are the Germans favorite pieces. If you do without a screen protector, scratches inevitably appear in the display. Now there is finally a solution, annoying scratch and wear on the display to eliminate by hand! High-Tech Glass Scratch Remover

  • Removes fine, light and medium-depth scratches from all uncoated glass displays
  • Versatile: smartphones, watches, cars, furniture, household, windows, and much more.
  • 2-component system Step 1 - the high-tech diamond polish removes the scratches Step 2 - the high-performance diamond finish is polished to a high gloss
  • Novel and patent-pending "DIAMOND-POLISHING-TECHNOLOGY" (DPT)
  • Repair without giving up your mobile phone and without waiting
  • Repair instead of swap: Saves cash and ensures value
  • Simple and safe in the do-it-yourself application
  • Particularly productive with approx. 15-20 applications
  • Extensive all-inclusive set

    Note: Use only on uncoated glass surfaces! Not suitable for tablet PC or TV!

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